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A Heartbeat Away From the Presidency?


What if I told you that there are four VERY CONNECTED families that have enriched themselves over the years making sweetheart deals  while ultimately positioning one member a heartbeat away from the United States Presidency. In fact, these families have influenced policy and budgetary decisions over the last 80 years that have ushered in the chaos that residents are experiencing today.

The names should sound familiar…Brown, Newsom, Getty and Pelosi. 

I have included below a short video that will walk you through these stunning connections and how they have brought this once beautiful place, nicknamed the “Golden State”, an exploding homeless crisis, filth in the streets and a economy on the brink of bankruptcy.

When we think of the swamp it is Washington, DC that comes to mind. It turns out that the local government in many places may be even swampier than DC.

Have you ever wondered how a public servant can come into office with average assets and leave a multi millionaire? Please take a few minutes and watch the video – it is enlightening.

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