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Dangerous Food Pyramid?

Serious Questions about USDA Food Pyramid Many American have always had questions about the seemingly innocuous food pyramid we have been “fed” all our lives.

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If you read only one thing today, take a moment to check out this compilation of studies and government data by Wayne Allyn Root. It is clear that mainstream media and social media have banned all information from across the globe that proves the Covid vaccine is dangerous, deadly, and without-a-doubt, the worst disaster in the history of healthcare. 

As people begin to experience their own clusters of prolonged illness and sudden death among triple and quadruple vaccinated friends and family the drumbeat for the truth grows louder. Wayne experienced his own cluster of death and debilitating illness of 33 people in his own personal orbit. Wayne commented on this spectacular coincidence: “Even more remarkable, I did the research and found out all 33 were vaccinated. Yet since that same date eight months ago, not one person I know who is unvaccinated has either died or gotten seriously ill. Quite a case study. Quite a damning cluster of death and disease for one group- the vaccinated.  I hate to be harsh, but if you see that story and don’t believe something is very wrong…don’t suspect the Covid vaccine is a killer…don’t demand an investigation…don’t demand questions be asked…or still trust anything the government, Biden, Dr. Fauci, the FDA, CDC or your own doctor says about the Covid vaccine…you’re a brain-dead sheep”.

He is absolutely right. The American people are clamoring to finally hear the raw truth and Wayne Allyn Root has brought the receipts.  

Wayne is a CEO, entrepreneur, best-selling conservative author, TV producer and host of the nationally-syndicated “WAR Now: The Wayne Allyn Root Show” at  He also wears the badge of honor reserved for truth tellers censored and ultimately banned by Twitter to exterminate dissenting opinions conflicting with the current narrative.

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