Our Mission

Protecting Our Precious Constitution

We The People is a private company dedicated to preserving and protecting the rights of American citizens guaranteed by our precious Constitution. As a democratic nation, America has bestowed upon its citizens many protected rights and freedoms that other countries deny their inhabitants. Despite government intervention and protection, however, we recognize that citizens of the United States are still being taken advantage of by organizations which promise to provide goods and services that benefit the people, but in practice, are not serving Americans in an honest, effective manner. 

become the change

We The People is founded on the principles of honesty, integrity, unity, and transparency in all of its operations. Our goal is to hold other companies and organizations to these same high standards.. We aim to promote the ascension of private leadership and volunteerism in America by aligning ourselves with other prominent private leaders and role models in the U.S. By applying grass roots techniques we can target our desire to strengthen youth education in government and civics, foster real-world workforce training that we may become the vehicle for change. 

Expose Political Corruption

We The People believes that unions have contributed decline of U.S. manufacturing through the collective bargaining process.  This Negotiating process allows unions to demand exorbitantly higher wages, inflating costs and effectively destroying US companies’ ability to be competitive, leading lower profits to fewer overall jobs. 

Ironically, in the end employees receive only a portion of these lucrative wage increases.  Union leadership with bloated salaries, take back a percentage from them by collecting compulsory union dues. Money that flows into the union is often funneled into political causes that allow them to steer votes to the candidates of their choice in exchange for legislatorial favors when elected. 

Big Pharma - Big Lies

We The People uncovers the truth about big pharmaceutical companies in order to protect Americans. What became crystal clear during the Pandemic of 2020, were the lengths these companies would go to when their market share was threatened. A market share that totaled over $565 billion in 2021, up 10% from 2020. Inexpensive, tried and true medications, such as Hydroxychloroquine, and Ivermectin were demonized by Big Pharma in favor of the experimental drugs being developed for big profits. By snapping up nearly all advertising time on the news outlets, they were able to pressure stations to ignore or suppress information on alternative cures. This complete disregard for our precious 1st Amendment ushered in the era of rampant censorship which we find ourselves in today.