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The Head of The Snake?



I’ll start with a little background; if this is the first time you have heard this name, you must Google him. You will be met with the best search results money can buy – 90 year old Hungarian investor and philanthropist with an estimated net worth of just over 8 billion dollars. It has been reported that he has donated $32 billion over the years to his Open Society Foundation (OSF).  OSF is described as an entity to support individuals and organizations across the globe fighting for freedom of expression, accountable government, and societies that promote justice and equality. Sounds pretty good doesn’t it? 

When you have the resources to suppress bad search results you can make reported connections to groups like Antifa, Black Lives Matters and others just disappear. It is also rumored that the apparent “mass protests” after the 2016 election were organized and funded by George Soros money. George Soros has also funded the campaigns of many prominent Democratic and likely Republican politicians who are now are now trapped in his web, powerless to disagree in fear of having their own corruption exposed. 

Stories have persisted of  groups  taking to the streets in seemingly spontaneous protests as seen in the video below.

This report of Soros’ involvement in the Trump impeachment comes as no surprise to me. Please take a look at this interesting article by the Horn News that may explain Democrats frantic and inexplicable march to impeachment with the slimmest and even non-existent evidence. 

"George Soros has his own reasons to bankroll the effort: revenge. Soros believed that Trump would destroy the U.S. economy and stacked his investments heavily on a recession. Instead, the stock market has broken records year after year, and the unemployment level is the lowest in 50 years"

I ask you to take a few minutes to review the article here. 

This may answer some of those nagging things that just don’t smell right in this entire impeachment fiasco. 

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