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Purdue Pharma Offers Massive Settlement for its Role In Opioid Crisis

UPDATE – Ken Baxter here in sunny Las Vegas with an important update everyone should know. Last week Purdue Pharma, considered by some as the creators of the current opiod crisis in the United States has offered a $10-12 billion dollar settlement to settle over 2,000 lawsuits they are facing from various states, cities and individual plaintiffs regarding  their cash cow drug, OxyContin. This will involve the company filing Chapter 11 and restructuring itself into some sort of  for profit “Public Trust”. 

As I mentioned in my original blog post, not only is the drug highly addictive, Purdue Pharma aggressively marketed its product to doctors with incentives to prescribe.  Their field representatives were pressured to meet sales quotas or be faced with unemployment.

The offer sounds like a staggering amount; I don’t believe it is enough. Purdue Pharma was well aware that their product was highly addictive – that was the point. They actually told doctors the opposite putting profits before people – HUGE profits. The video by Tucker Carlson below explains a lot. BTW I had a hard time finding this particular video – do you think it may be being suppressed? I do.

If you would like to learn more about the tactics used by Purdue Pharma as well as other Big Pharma companies to maintain there market share at whatever the cost, please read 5 Shocking Things You Might Not Know About Big Pharma for more info.

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