We The People is a private company dedicated to preserving and protecting the rights of American citizens guaranteed by our precious Constitution. As a democratic nation, America has bestowed upon its citizens many protected rights and freedoms that other countries deny their inhabitants. Despite government intervention and protection, however, we recognize that citizens of the United States are still being taken advantage of by organizations which promise to provide goods and services that benefit the people, but in practice, are not serving Americans in an honest, effective manner. 

We The People is founded on the principles of honesty, integrity, unity, and transparency in all of its operations. Our goal is to hold other companies and organizations to these same high standards. In tandem, we are forging the way for the economic recovery of this great nation by re- our reputation and stature within the world community. We aim to promote the ascension of private leadership and volunteerism in America by aligning ourselves with other prominent private leaders and role models in the U.S. and creating a grass roots movement to become the vehicle for change. 

We The People believes that unions have hurt our economy by forcing U.S. companies to pay wages and benefits that are not competitive to our competition. Since unions demand higher wages, they greatly inflate product prices which lead to fewer overall jobs, lower profit margins for American companies, and more jobs leaving this country. Through collective bargaining, unions have gained excessive benefits and bloated salaries from taxpayer money and have the power to steer votes dependent on the actions of politicians accepting or declining salary and benefit increases. With so many laws protecting the rights of employees in the 21st century, unions are doing more harm than good and must be eliminated in order to remain globally competitive. 

We The People uncovers the truth about big pharmaceutical companies in order to protect Americans. One of the largest for-profit industries in the U.S., the prescription drug market, is growing by leaps and bounds year over year. The average American is prescribed two or more medications, with at least 20% of us taking five or more prescription drugs. With nearly $280 billion in profits for big drug companies per year, that makes the U.S. the largest pharmaceutical market in the world. “Big Pharma’s” grasp on American consumers, doctors, and even insurance companies is far too overreaching and must be stopped.

We The People is founded on the principles of honesty, integrity, unity and transparency in all of its operations. We will sound the alarm regarding insidious threats to Americans’ rights ensured by our Constitution, uncover the truth about big pharmaceutical companies and expose how unions have hurt our economy while enriching labor bosses and political parties.

Ken Baxter