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Candace Owens – The Truth About Democrats


Candace Owens

During a recent Congressional hearing about white nationalism something extraordinary took place. Representative Ted Lieu set the tone by expressing confusion why Republicans had invited conservative black commentator and Communications Director for Turning Point USA as their guest to speak. By the end of the hearing, I am sure he knew why.

Representative Lieu took the opportunity to play an obviously extracted clip from an interview where Candace was asked about Adolph Hitler. After this political stunt, Candace was not given a chance to respond as Lieu immediately gave the floor to other invitees that were more friendly to his agenda. When the time was yielded back to the Republican Representative from Pennsylvania he graciously gave Candace the opportunity to take Mr. Lieu to school. 

Definitely not used to Republicans fighting back with such vigor, enjoy the video below as Chairman Nadler and Representative Lieu squirm in their chairs – it’s priceless! 

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